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How the MosquitoTech Smart Mist™ System Works

The MosquitoTech Smart Mist™ System is the ultimate permanent solution to outdoor pest control. Our fully automated system mists around the perimeter of your yard for 20-50 seconds, safely and effectively eliminating mosquitoes and other annoying insects from your yard.uses flowers to protect your yard from mosquitoes and other biting insects.


Once the the system is installed, it mists an EPA appoved, biodegradable Pyrethrum solution that creates a zone of protection.

The First Step is our initial meeting. To optimize the effectiveness of your system we learn how you use your outdoor space; and evaluate the current mosquito habitat in your yard.



Next, our trained staff combines your input with our analysis to create a custom system that best suits your families lifestyle.


Once the system is installed, it mists an EPA appoved, biodegradable Pyrethrum solution that creates a zone of protection. With real-time information available over the internet, we are able to monitor the volume of solution remaining in the unit and make sure you never run out of juice.  You won’t ever have to call to get your yard serviced. You can also control your system with a smartphone app that allows you to trigger a remote mist, change the system mode, and quickly contact for any reason.

MosquitoTech takes mosquito control seriously. We are fully insured and licensed by the Department of Agriculture as a Certified Pesticide Applicator.

or call 404-624-9517

MosquitoTech Smart Mist Benefits 

  • The fully-automated Misting System is installed, programmed, and activated by  a licensed MosquitoTech professional             

  • Ongoing operation is hands-free                          

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty on System Parts and Labor                                                            

  • Just tap your phone and get instant protection from anywhere                                          

  • Certified Organic and botanical solutions available                                                               

  • Monthly service plan or Pay-Per-Fill plan      

  • On-Call Service when you need help fast

Landscape Risers

Our custom ground-mounted nozzles are carefully incorporated into the landscaping of your yard. They are high-tech misting nozzles designed to distribute MosquitoTech's Pyrethrum solution quickly and effectively.

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